Architecture in Business

Managing Business Transformation

We specialize in building business architecture frameworks
and manage transformations in line with vision and core principles,
minimizing risk, enhancing competitiveness and reducing costs.



New technology and disruptive business models are quickly changing
the corporate landscape. What looks like security now can be history tomorrow.
We are focusing on creating awareness by not only providing new business insights for various industries
but also designing change and managing transformations.
Business Analysis

By interacting with business stakeholders and subject matter experts we analyse  and document business needs and requirements in a consistent way

Enterprise Architecture

We reveal how an organization is structured and  show how elements such as capabilities, processes, organization and information fit together.

Disruptive Innovation

Using new business models, optimized value networks and advanced technology allows us to give (new) companies a jump start into established markets.

Project Management

We take care of planning, executing, controlling and closing the work that needs to be completed in the context of a business change and do this with agility.


With more than 30 years of experience in the field of technology, business architecture and project management, we are not only capable to efficiently transform businesses and managing change. Through our passion for new technology we are always in the process of finding more effective and cost efficient improvements for our customer base in a range of different industries.

Understanding the root cause of problems, inefficiencies and/or potential improvements and translating them in clear requirements is the domain of the business analyst.

From a baseline architecture (current state of the business), the vision and core principles a gap analysis will be executed providing the elements of change in an organisation. Changes can take place on many different levels (organisation structure, business model, processes, roles and responsibilities, capability maturity, information and technology) all of which need to be aligned. We use the industry standard TOGAF 9.1 framework to guide organisations through the various business transformations.

Creative use of technology and thinking outside the square when it comes to new business models is what we are good at. By creating new markets and value networks we are able to position (new) businesses such that they can displace established competitors in the market.

Project management is at the core of all our activities and ensures that any project roadblocks are detected and cleared, risks and issues addressed and adequate communication for all stakeholders is in place.