New Technology

Business Transformation

Focusing on the impact of emerging technology through
visionary thinking and awareness sessions, change – and project
management and human aspects



Emerging technologies and disruptive business models
are quickly changing the corporate landscape.

What looks like security now can be history tomorrow. We are focusing on creating awareness, not only by providing new business insights for various industries but also designing change and managing transformations. And besides economical aspects,
we don’t forget the human aspect of change.


With more than 30 years of experience in the field of software development, artificial intelligence, business architecture, and project management, we are not only capable to efficiently transform businesses and managing change. Through our passion for emerging technology, we are always in the process of finding more effective and cost-efficient improvements for our customer base in a range of different industries.

The combination of data and innovative thinking is the foundation of modern organizations. Data analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making.

From a baseline architecture (current state of the business), the vision and core principles a gap analysis will be executed providing the elements of change in an organization. Changes can take place on many different levels (organization structure, business model, processes, roles and responsibilities, capability maturity, information, and technology) all of which be aligned.

Creative use of technology and thinking outside the square when it comes to new business models is what we do well. By creating new markets and value networks we are able to position (new) businesses such that they can outperform competitors in the market.

Since the early nineties, we and our partners have been involved in applying emerging technologies like neural networks, knowledge-based systems and genetic algorithms, solving problems that were too difficult to handle with conventional software technology. With the current computer processing power, these and additional technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning and IoT have now matured to a stage where we can see accelerated growth in terms of applications in various markets.

We transform businesses from a strategic and customer/consumer-oriented point of view. From an innovation perspective, we work together with you to ensure your business takes advantage of the latest technology and new business models in this fast-changing marketplace.

Project management is at the core of all our activities and ensures that any (potential) project roadblocks are detected and cleared, risks and issues addressed and adequate communication for all stakeholders is in place.

The effects of technology were often hard to predict because they often entailed higher-order effects. We think further than the direct effects of a new technology and focus on changes in human behavior as a consequence of the introduction of a new technology.